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  1. Akkermansiamuciniphila(muciniphila作为一种在肠粘液层稳定定殖的肠道共生菌,被认为是下一代益生菌的候选菌种之一;
  2. muciniphila不仅可以有效改善机体代谢和免疫功能,而且在肿瘤治疗领域具有重要价值;
  3. 目前大多数研究都集中在 muciniphila与疾病之间的相关性,而对它们之间的因果关系探讨甚少;
  4. Akkermansiamuciniphila有望成为肠道菌群相关疾病的治疗靶点,如结肠炎,代谢综合征,免疫性疾病和肿瘤等;
  5. 初步的人体数据表明口服 muciniphila是安全的,但其作用需要在更大样本量的人体临床试验中进一步验证。


Microbial Biotechnology [IF:4.86]  Akkermansiamuciniphila is a promising probiotic  DOI: 10.1111/1751-7915.13410


Akkermansiamuciniphila (A. muciniphila), an intestinal symbiont colonizing in the mucosal layer, is considered to be a promising candidate as probiotics.A. muciniphila is known to have an important valuein improving the host metabolic functions andimmune responses. Moreover, A. muciniphila mayhave a value in modifying cancer treatment. However, most of the current researches focus on thecorrelation between A. muciniphila and diseases,and little is known about the causal relationshipbetween them. Few intervention studies onA. muciniphila are limited to animal experiments, and limited studies have explored its safety and efficacy in humans. Therefore, a critical analysis of thecurrent knowledge in A. muciniphila will play an important foundation for it to be defined as a newbeneficial microbe. This article will review the bacteriological characteristics and safety ofA. muciniphila, as well as its causal relationship with metabolic disorders, immune diseases and cancertherapy.

First Author:  TingZhang

Correspondence: Faming Zhang

All Authors:Ting Zhang, Qianqian Li, Lei Cheng, Heena Buch, Faming Zhang  Review 2019-04-04


Akkermansiamuciniphila,作为一种可以充分利用胃肠道粘蛋白的潜在益生菌,与宿主代谢和免疫功能密不可分。目前关于A. muciniphila的干预性研究仅限于动物实验,而针对其在人体中应用的安全性和有效性评估仍然很有限。因此,针对A. muciniphila当前研究的批判性分析将为其被定义为一种新的益生菌奠定重要基础。本文从A. muciniphila的生理特性,安全性,以及它与代谢紊乱、免疫性疾病和肿瘤治疗之间的因果关系等方面对其进行了全面综述。