Decision making

Microbiota transplantation has included FMT and selective microbiota transplantation (SMT) which is used for simulating FMT. Let us work together to achieve common goals.

Treatment records

Clinical research teams and doctors who can input the data in Chinese language and perform FMT and WMT, regardless of geographic and national boundaries.

Efficacy assessment

Through this platform, doctors, clinical research teams and hospitals in different places can carry out FMT-related research, integrate data and promote global health.

Safety management

Clinicians manage their own information; The platform filters individual information; Data security management complies with national clinical and research regulations; The encryption management is under professional data management company.

Adverse Events Reports from China Microbiota Transplantation System
Based on the clinical data of more than 10,000 cases of gut microbiota reconstruction.

The aim is to establish a system for information collection, decision analysis, efficacy assessment, data mining, remote treatment, medical research, sample tracing, risk assessment and other functions that meet the needs of gut microbiota reconstruction treatment of Chinese patients.

Professional consultants’ assistance

The treating clinician of the patient needs to provide the patient's individual information, social information and economic status. When doctors have some problems in diagnosing and treating patients, please contact our customer service in time to arrange an appointment with our experts for assistance.

FMT/WMT are of healthy human origin

To fill in the information requires the joint efforts of many units to promote the awareness and development of clinical microecological therapy. Units that contribute data to the platform can share related data for medical research.

Protecting the privacy and rights of donors

The platform maintains its confidentiality and protects the privacy of all the information that an individual has disclosed. With the support of Medical lawyers, the information on traceability of fecal materials, laboratory quality control, treatment process, risk assessment before WMT and long-term safety evaluation after treatment is kept confidential and evaluated by clinical experts.

Financial Interest Statement & Disclaimer

fmtBank ( is a non-profit public project that is under the guidance of the China National Clinical Research Center for Digestive Disease (Xi’an).The teaching hospital provides national rescue washed microbiota transplantation (WMT) for patients with refractory intestinal infections. The data related to treatments are recorded into the China Microbiota Transplantation System (CMTS). CMTS provides information on fecal microbiota products traceability, laboratory quality control, risk assessment before therapy, delivery of WMT and long-term safety evaluation after WMT. Data must be kept confidential and evaluated by clinical experts. Patients with financial difficulty in population under 16 years old or over 60 years old can apply for free WMT supported by China Social Welfare Foundation. We did not and will not entrust any business or individuals to contact patients and doctors on our behalf.