National non-profit service

Principles of rescue FMT service


Basic principles of the Chinese  fmtBank emergency rescue plan

  1. Chinese fmtBank emergency rescue plan is a public service.
  2. This website publicizes the hospital information, which can provide non-profit stool bank rescue.
  3. This website can help to adjust the non-profit stool bank resources across hospitals in case of emergency.
  4. The fecal materials provided by the stool bank are derived from healthy donors who undergo rigorous screening and anonymity;
  5. The fecal materials provided by the stool bank must be purified by rigorous laboratory processes.
  6. The fmtBank branches only accept rescue applications from patients’ attending clinicians.
  7. Patient or their authorized relatives must sign the informed consent issued by the hospital before treatment.
  8. This website only provides services for clinical rescue treatment and science research.

Ethical standards of  Chinese fmtBank emergency rescue plan

  1. Patient’s health is the primary purpose.
  2. Ensure effective informed consent of recipients (patients) and donors;
  3. Protect the privacy and other interests of donors;
  4. Ensure donors’ anonymity;
  5. Ensure maximum benefit with minimum risk;
  6. Ensure social equality in resources, services, distribution and procedure;
  7. Special protective measures for vulnerable patients.


Indications: Severe intestinal infections, including Clostridioides difficile infection, pseudomembranous colitis of undetermined pathogens due to limited test condition, and multidrug-resistant bacterial infection.

Candidates for rescue FMT: Hospitalized patients from all over hospitals in China, those who meet the above indications, infections that cannot be controlled despite standard treatment, and cannot stand transfer.

  1. Clinicians determine the necessity of FMT based on patients’ condition;
  2. Select an appropriate stool bank on, apply for rescue and provide patients’ disease data;
  3. Chinese fmtBank experts will communicate with the treating clinician in time in accordance with the patients’ condition and determine whether it’s necessary to provide rescue after an assessment;
  4. After approving the application review, clinicians will let patients or their authorized relatives fully informed and sign an informed consent form;
  5. Chinese fmtBank will start a rescue plan immediately to provide the treating clinician with frozen fecal materials;
  6. The thawed fecal suspension can be administered to patients’ colon or small intestine through the endoscopic channel, nasojejunal tube, colonic tube, gastrostomy tube, jejunostomy tube, enema, or other ways according to the instructions provided by fmtBank;
  7. Contact our Chinese fmtBank experts in time when any problems faced during the observations of patients(preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative).

An example

In a prefecture-level hospital A, one patient got a pelvic fracture.During the treatment, he experienced severe intestinal infection. Unfortunately, hospital A was not equipped with the conditions for performing FMT. Because it was inappropriate to transfer this patient to another hospital, the treating clinician contacted the hospital B which can perform FMT through Then the expert from hospital B, assessed the patient’s condition and determined the necessity of FMT. The treatingclinician let the patient or his authorized relatives fully informed and signed an informed consent form.The treating clinician selected an appropriate time to deliver the thawed fecal suspension to the patient’s colon or small intestine through endoscopic channel, nasojejunal tube, colonictube,gastrostomy tube, jejunostomy tube, enema or other way. The treating clinician performed evaluation of postoperative efficacy.

fmtBank branches

Sources of fecal materials

Rescue FMT banks shared on this website are based on the following conditions:

  1. Strict laboratory facilities including automatic microbiota purification system.
  2. Laboratory technicians received strict training in fecal bacterial preparation.
  3. A standardized FMT bank based on a reliable laboratory construction program.
  4. Have performed FMT in practice.
  5. Patients or their authorized relatives must be fully informed and sign an informed consent form provided by hospitals.
  6. This website only provides services for clinical rescue treatment and scientific research.

fmtBank receives stool donations and requirements for donors are as follows:

  1. 10-18 years old primary and secondary school students who have no sexual experience are preferred. However, sometimes we also choose healthy college and graduate students or young staff. In particular cases, children can also be included.
  2. No infectious diseases or inflammation and no pathogenic infections after stool test.
  3. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University is responsible for interpreting other donor screening criteria.
  4. Written informed consent must be obtained from donors or underage donors’parents or legal guardians.

If you need to apply for rescue FMT, please scan the QR code below, follow our WeChat official account of “microbiota transplantation system (菌群平台)” and fill the questionnaire under “apply for rescue (申请救援)”.