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From fecal transplantation to washed microbiota transplantation

We aim to build the best microbial therapy system in the world. As the leading center of microbiota transplantation, we provide national nonprofit service of washed microbiota transplantation for intestinal infections and clinical treatment for patients from whole world to Nanjing.

Our rescue in China and services for patients around the world

In 2015, Professor Faming Zhang, Daiming Fan and Kaichun Wu jointly initiated the Chinese fmtBank emergency rescue plan, which is a non-profit organization. We developed the first automatic microbiota purification system GenFMTer (FMT Medical, Nanjing, China) in the world, established the first two GMP-level laboratories (biosafety level 3) for washed microbiota transplantation, and developed the China Microbiota Transplantation System (CMTS) for long-term evaluation for microbiota transplantation. Our official website is www.fmtbank.org for providing national non-profit service and research.

More than 60% of patients underwent fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT)were from our group.Our clinical rescue for patients with refractory intestinal infections are distributed whole China, as far as Dalian in the east, Sanya in the south, Yili in the west, and Mohe in the north. We adopted cases from China, Japan, Europe, Australia, England and the United States.

In 2019, we and our collaborators in China mainland and China Taiwan are stepping into the era of washed microbiota transplantation (WMT).

Our Team Progress

●Dr. Faming Zhang defined the medical history of FMT in “American Journal of Gastroenterology”, and coined the Chinese name of ``fecal microbiota transplantation`` in CHINA JOURNAL OF ENDOSCOPY; The first clinical trial of FMT in China was registered by us.

● We reported the first FMT in case with severe fistulizing Crohn's disease. We launched the non-profit research fund Intestine Initiative.

●We invented the first automatic microbiota purification system GenFMTer (FMT Medical, Nanjing, China); Sponsored the 1st National Conference on Intestinal Disease and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation. Dr. Bota Cui et al. reported that FMT is effective in treating Crohn's disease-related abdominal pain, as well as other findings; Faming Zhang conceived and started to study Cap-assisted Endoscopic Sclerotherapy (CAES) for hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse.

●Faming Zhang conceived Transendoscopic Enteral Tubing(TET) for the frequent colonic delivery of FMT. We reported the step-up FMT strategy; Sponsored the 2nd National Conference on Intestinal Disease and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation,launched the non-profit “Chinese fmtBank Emergency Rescue Plan”, and established the first GMP laboratory system used for microbiota transplantation in the world.

●The journal Gut Microbes invited Dr. Faming Zhang to review the step-up FMT strategy; We sponsored the 3rd China Academic Conference on Integrated Bowel Disease; Published best-selling medical popular book entitled INTESTINE IN PERIL; Built GMP Laboratory for FMT in Sir Run Run Hospital, Nanjing Medical University; Invented mini-FMT and started multi-center clinical research.NATURE's annual review highlighted our report on the medical history of FMT; Dr. Faming Zhang gavea lecture at the World Life Science Conference and wrote the article entitled ``fecal microbiota transplantation system``; Dr. Xingyin Liu was selected as the distinctive medical talent in Jiangsu Province; Dr. Faming Zhang, Dr. Xingyin Liu, and Dr. Bota Cui gained fundings from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

●Dr. Faming Zhang was awarded as the Leading Talents of Jiangsu Province; We sponsored the 2017 China Microbiota Transplantation Conference, a landmark meeting in the field of gut microbiota in China; and established China Microbiota Transplantation System. Zhi He et al. first time reported the FMT treatment strategy for Crohn's disease with inflammatory mass.Ting Zhang et al. first time reported the cost-effectiveness results of FMT for inflammatory bowel disease. Zhi He et al. reported the first FMT to cure epilepsy and registered the first clinical trial.Chinese Journal of Gastroenterology published“The Chinese fmtBank Rescue Plan”from us.

●We co-sponsored the 2018 China Gut Festival with 2500+ participants at the China National Convention Centerin Beijing. Dr. Faming Zhang lead the FMT-standardization Study Group and published a cover paper in Protein&Cell; Dr. Chuyan Long et al. reported the first research results on the technique of a novel quick transendoscopic enteral tubing in mid-gut; Dr. PanLiet al. first time reported the timing for the second FMT to maintain the long-term benefit from the first treatment for Crohn’s disease; Dr. Honggang Wang et al. first time reported that GenFMTer reduced the adverse events of FMT but did not affect the efficacy.

● We co-sponsored the 2019 China Gut Festival with5000+ participants at beijing. We reported the clinical findings, animal studies and in vitro screening between washed microbiota transplantation andmanual fecal microbiota transplantation. Professor Faming Zhang led a consensus team with 28 experts developed Nanjing Consensus on methodology of washed microbiota transplantation. More reports on WMT can be found in this website.

We first time demonstrated that WMT is safe and effective to improve intestinal symptoms and mucosal injury in patients with chronic radiation enteritis. Our latest findings indicate that it is important to understand the efficacy of WMT in Crohn’s disease as a targeted therapy, especially for abdominal pain, hematochezia, fever and diarrhea.

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