Microbiota transplantation has included FMT and selective microbiota transplantation (SMT) which is used for simulating FMT. Let us work together to achieve common goals.

Treatment records

Clinical research teams and doctors who can input the data in Chinese language and perform FMT and mini-FMT, regardless of geographic and national boundaries.

Efficacy assessment

Through this platform, doctors, clinical research teams and hospitals in different places can carry out FMT-related research, integrate data and promote global health.

Safety management

Clinicians manage their own information; The platform filters individual information; Data security management complies with national clinical and research regulations; The encryption management is under professional data management company.

Adverse Events Reports from China Microbiota Transplantation System

Research project

Based on the clinical data of more than 4000 cases of gut microbiota reconstruction.

The aim is to establish a system for information collection, decision analysis, efficacy assessment, data mining, remote treatment, medical research, sample tracing, risk assessment and other functions that meet the needs of gut microbiota reconstruction treatment of Chinese patients.

Professional consultants’ assistance

The treating clinician of the patient needs to provide the patient's individual information, social information and economic status. When doctors have some problems in diagnosing and treating patients, please contact our customer service in time to arrange an appointment with our experts for assistance.

mini-FMT are of healthy human origin

To fill in the information requires the joint efforts of many units to promote the awareness and development of clinical microecological therapy. Units that contribute data to the platform can share related data for medical research.

Protecting the privacy and rights of donors

All disease information recorded on the platform is free from privacy leakage and information transaction. Medical lawyers provide support. Medical information such as tracing of fecal microbiota products, laboratory processes, treatment process and risk assessment, etc. are kept confidential and supervised by clinical experts.


  • 人类科技发展已经达到从未有过的高度,“可上九天揽月,可下五洋捉鳖”,但是,人类从未摆脱用人的粪便给人治病的现实需求(Zhang,et al. 2018)。古人使用美化的名词“金汁”、“黄龙汤”,虽然智慧满满,但受限于技术,也实属无奈。 时至2011年,粪菌移植(fecal microbiota transplantation,FMT)将“粪便移植”取而代之,作为规范的学术交流名词,目的只是导向认识这一技术的本质,并未改变实施方式...

  • 1.分析粪菌移植(FMT)治疗克罗恩病(CD)的数据,纳入随访1-5年的患者139例,共行184次FMT; 2.总不良事件(AE)发生率为13.6%,包括大便频次增加、发热、腹痛、胀气、便血、干呕、饱胀、带状疱疹,未发生严重AE;...

  • 从2018年8月8日起,中华粪菌库联合民福社会基金会定向对患有难治性肠道感染疾病的老年人或孤残儿童提供免费救援。 一免费救援对象 1. 住院的难治性肠道感染患者,且为老人(60岁以上)或儿童(16岁以下),且家庭经济困难; 2. 医学评估符合粪菌移植治疗需求;患者或其监护人同意。  注意: 不符合以上标准的感染患者不在免费范围。...

Financial Interest Statement & Disclaimer

Chinese fmtBank emergency rescue plan( is a non-profit public welfare project that is under the guidance of the National Medical Research Center of Digestive Disease (Xi’an).The national major teaching hospital provides rescue FMT through out the country.Focus only on the refractory intestinal infections, and it requires an actual personal medical record information. The data should be registered into the China Microbiota Transplantation System (CMTS). CMTS provides fecal microbiota products trace ability, laboratory and treatment process, risk assessment and other medical information that is being kept confidential and under-regulation of clinical experts. Those who meet the criteria of rescue plan for children and the elderly intestinal infections from China Social Welfare Foundation may apply for free treatment. The entire process does not involve commercial bribery. We do not and will not entrust any business or individuals to contact patients and doctors on our behalf.